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Our Services Include:


Residential Window Cleaning  

Clear Reflections Services, utilizes a five-step window washing process. We use a mild, safe, non-toxic solution that is safe for the environment. Your home windows are cleaned safely through the proper use of ladders and the occasional use of water-fed poles using streak free pure water. From residential window cleaning to high-rise window cleaning, we would love the opportunity to clean your glass!

Clear Reflections Services, crew members are clean-cut, friendly, uniformed, and trained in the art of professionally serving homeowners. Great care is observed inside and outside of your house and property.

We recommend an interior and exterior window cleaning at least twice a year and additional exterior window cleanings as needed. As with all of our services, a free estimate for your window cleaning is only a phone call away. Call Clear Reflections Services to request a free window cleaning quote today!  


To request a quote, please call 785-845-5708.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning and high rise window cleaning can help extend the life and beauty of your building.

Our team of professional window cleaners work with property managers to build maintenance schedules that meet all needs and budgets. We can structure your window washing quote as a capital improvement and/or operating expense.

Our clients include many top companies in Northeast Kansas along with the most reputable property managers. Our client’s privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to us; references are available upon request.


Let us be your window cleaning company.

No matter how tall or how short your building is, Clear Reflections Services, Inc. is clearly the right choice!


Contact Us for a customized price quote based on your specific needs.

How We Clean Windows

Posted by Clear Reflections Services Inc. on Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gutter Cleaning

"Gutter cleaning services by Clear Reflections Services, will guarantee you clean and free flowing gutters".

How often are you cleaning your gutters? Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems and cracked foundations. Unmanaged, this can become a costly repair to your home. Clear Reflections Services offers gutter maintenance programs available for semi-annual or annual cleanings.

Never worry about whether your gutters are dirty again! With scheduled gutter cleanings you can enjoy our year-round customer care discounts for any of our services.

Why Gutter Cleaning?
Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home, preventing a
list of problems.


Here are the 5 most common damages that can occur due to clogged gutters.


Clogged Gutters - Left untended, gutters and downspouts get so clogged with debris that they’re rendered useless. The excess weight of leaves, twigs, and standing water can also make them sag and pull away from the fascia. Clean them at least once a year, and twice a year if you have a lot of trees nearby.


Flooded Basements – The number one cause of water damage in basements is clogged gutters. When rain water comes off your roof and has nowhere to go, it will find the path of least resistance. Often times this is inside your soffits and siding all the way to the lowest point in the home, your basement.


Cracked Foundations - are most threatening in colder climates when a home’s foundation is compromised by the stress of freezing temperatures. When water is allowed to settle around your homes foundation and causes a condition called frost-heave which can cause severe cracks to foundation walls.


Insect breeding ground – Free standing water and debris filled gutters are a paradise for several species of insects. Mosquitos, wood destroying insects, wasps, and even termites can live inside your gutters and find their way into your home.


Rotten Wood - is a result of moisture being trapped and cut off from air circulating to dry out the wood fascia around the house. The rotted area will quickly get worse if the gutters are not cleaned.


Using ladders and walking on roofs can be dangerous if you’re not equipped with the right equipment. Gutter cleaning by Clear Reflections Services will guarantee you clean and free flowing gutters.


Call us today and put Clear Reflections Services to work for you! 785-845-5708 


Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is the best way to maintain your largest investment, your home!
Dirt, grime, mildew, and algae build up over time and leave your home, driveway, sidewalks, patios and decks unsightly. Maintaining your home with regular pressure washing can greatly increase the longevity of your property. Our fully insured / skilled technicians come prepared with the very best in professional equipment and products to tackle any of your power washing needs.


Concrete Cleaning


Concrete cleaning is as much protection and maintenance as aesthetic. Pressure washing concrete removes built up dirt and salt deposits from weathering and general use over time. Once cleaned, your concrete will hold its look for months, turning heads around the neighborhood. Our flat surface pressure washing professionals specialize in driveway cleaning, pressure washing concrete in patios, pool-sides, sidewalks, and stamped concrete.



Concrete Sealing

For the driveways, sidewalks, pool-sides, and patios. We clean and seal these surfaces to protect your investment. In particular, pavers manufacturers and installers get only one chance to sell or install their respective products. But once installed, protecting this lifetime investment requires regular maintenance.


Deck Cleaning & Seal

Sealing a deck is the key to protection and longevity. Clear Reflections Services, Inc. uses only the very best premium grade deck sealer available. Ready Seal is professional graded oil based semi-transparent stain and sealer in one. It is used to seal a deck, fences, gazebos, and outdoor furniture. Estimates are always free for any sealing a deck estimate.
Call us today and learn how Clear Reflections Services will Clean Protect and Restore your deck.


House Washing


Dirty Siding? A low pressure high intensity house washing service will maintain and restore your homes look. House washing services are recommended every (2) years to keep built up dirt and grime from burrowing into your property. Clear Reflections Services has perfected the art of the house wash. We use the highest quality home-safe chemicals and a clean house washing that will last. All Work is guaranteed and you can feel safe knowing a trusted and fully insured technician is at your home making your house sparkle again!



Our Quality Service Guarantee

We promise you will be happy with our service. If not we will do whatever it takes to make sure you receive complete satisfaction.